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January 7th, 2006 at 2:09am]
[ mood | cold ]

Hey everyone sorry i didnt update in awhile. anyway in that time i got a camera well i brought it for my mom. but hey she not going to use it as much as she thinks she is. lol anyway here are some picture that i took. and believe me now that i got one expect alot more crazy and better pictures. A weird thing happened to me tonight well not so much me. well anyway me a my friend was driving and we saw one of our "respected" co-workers at a nasty bar. like whore, strip may get std's kind of a bar. lol i know thats not funny, and hes only human but whatever i thought it was weird and funny. lol smile your on candid camera. lol anyway my birthday is coming up im going to be 18 can you believe it im so excited. i know i know some of you are like no way he's so young but he looks older. whatever im young bitches lol. anyway i'll post more later. peace out. do you guys like my new layout????

Ohh and its really cold here in Hawaii. i dont know why.
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January 2nd, 2006 at 4:09pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I Thought this was so funny.

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Start wearing Underwear again!!

Get your resolution here

i fuckin' hate my job. its so hard to find coverage so in the end i have to go to work. shit!!
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January 1st, 2006 at 3:14am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Me & Jaz @ winterball

Me & Sheelana

Happy New year bitches wowowowowow. i cant believe that year went by so fast. i hope you all had a great new years eve. i was so drunk that i popped a firework in my hand and it fucken hurts like hell. i hope that everyone starts their new year right and i hope that everything goes well. Again

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December 27th, 2005 at 2:11am]
[ mood | crazy ]

some of the boys

Hey everyone. i got pictures these are from a christmas party me and my friends had. it was great. i was so drunk that night it was crazy. im the one in that brown jacket(with green inside) with the black hat. its weird describing myself. the others are from a winterball party i look gone. Anyway. things are going ok i guess nothing really.

some of the girls

Tomorrow me and some friends are going to watch Memoirs of a Geisha i read the book and i loved it. i hope its good. Anyway this wednesday PARTY yeah bitches for my close friend priss she turning 17 YEAH Happy birthday bitch. i finally watched the 4,5,6 movies of Star Wars i loved it you know the first ones (confused) the original ones i guess thats how you put it. Anyway i fucken loved it. Now i want to watch the new ones again.

another pic of the boys

i love this picture

Anyway i have to tell you guys something that happened to me. its really bad. Ok here i go. well i dont want to make it long so i'll give you the short story. So one night after work three friends and i were cruzing like around 1/2ish in the morning. then two cars pulled up and a load of guys got out and tried to rob us. i was so fucken scared i honestly thought i was going to die. luckily they didnt get anything. it was an amateur doing because they were all drunk and fled when things got out of hand. we were all so shocked. And the messed up thing is that me and my best friend knew two guys that were apart of it. one guy saw me and then left. but the other just kept going. We called the cops and everything it was crazy. the guys werent caught that why im so mad. i hate cops sometimes.

dont worry were all fine its just that thinking about what happened makes me have mixed emotions which i dont like. im hurt, angry, scared, and nervous. but we all have to put this behind us. Karma. i hope they get caught and go to jail.
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December 23rd, 2005 at 2:59am]
[ mood | calm ]

Here is a picture of a fun ass night at my friends pool. That night was crazy good and bad. any if you dont know yes im a guy. im the one with the hat on if you still dont know the one with the whitebeater on.

Things are going so great right now. enjoy everything. Senior year is crazy. but im also getting scared. work is ok. theres this guy that comes in alot he works at Kuru Kuru sushi and i like him but i dont know if you swings that way hopefully he does. so my friends gave him the nickname "kurukuru" its so funny. everytime he comes in or whenever, they say it its crazy.

Winterball was crazy i'll post pics later. i was so drunk it was crazy. Hotel everything. This past wednesday had a christmas party with friends it was so chill i loved it. i was drinking wine and shit i was fucked up. i feel like a dumbass talking about how i drink and party like im trying to show off, but really im not. its just this is what me and my friends do. Bon Fire on tuesday from my close friend priss its her birthday. happy birthday girl. ive been hanging with the guys more often and its great. but im still one of the girls lol.

I finally told my best friend that im gay. it was under bad circumstances but at least i finally got it out. she kind of knew but waited for me to come to her and finally be comfortable with who i am. i feel like a better and different person. Everything that happened between me and her has been forgiven or forgotten. now its basically focusing on the present and future. a bond that just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

PS. "im not a alcoholic."

this is the first sign telling you that you are an alcoholic

PS. im not flaming gay. im like you cant tell gay lol.
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November 27th, 2005 at 2:18pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Hey sorry i havent updated in awhile. anyway i hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving. My was ok i had to work till 4pm so it was ok because later i had a family thing at my uncles house which for once was ok.

At work christmas things are in and stocked its so fast. i cant even believe how fast this year is going by. OOo im on the winterball court for my school. which is shitty i hate it. Took pictures already for senior prom court (see how fast).

the picture at top it when a group of friends and i went out to eat and hang in town i know its so old.. not everyone in there tho. Im the one looking down. i look kind of mad. ahhh oh and that bitch next to me the one in the blue fucken piss me off but whatever im over it.

Im so happy because since school is ending very soon and everyones going to graduate and go to college my friends and i are coming closer than we ever thought we would i mean every week we have been going out and just having a great time. thats one of the reasons i havent blogged.

Anyway i'll post the rest of the pictures later. peace out wiggas.
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November 1st, 2005 at 11:22pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Hey everyone i hope that you all had a great halloween. as for me... it was alright i had fun. like that day went by so fast it started right after school it was crazy. i was kind of upset about my outfit well it was so shitty and i felt so ugly i was mad. Anyway a group of friends and i went downtown to Waikiki 'the strip' it was fucken crazy down there. there were so many people it was fucken awesome. everyone look great. well i did get checked out by a couple of people so im happy about that oOo and also i got to spend halloween with the person i wanted too so it was alright not how i thought but all in all good. the only shitty thing was that i had school the next day. but fuck it! its halloween right.

Work.. i think im losing the passion i once had for the job. i mean i still have fun but its like the place sucks everything from me my kindness, charm, and happiness and thats sounds really bad. or maybe i need to get laid. lol.

*i need to start running again. .

i'll post pictures later.

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October 25th, 2005 at 12:54am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

i want to watch these movies. i cant wait...

Hey everyone sorry i didnt write in awhile. Anyway alot of stuff happened to me in that time some shitty but some good. Well last week was really bad for me and i really got upset and down on myself and others and that was really bothering me because i dont think it was fair to myself and the people around me. So i decided to get out so when the weekend rolled around i went all out. i got so drunk (yet safe), i mean dont want to sound like the kind of person that takes their emotions out on alcohol because im not. i just really needed to let myself go and i did. i had so much fun. (sorry i dont have pictures i'll post later).

Anyway theres this party coming up in town and it was suppose to be hosted by two people from laguna Beach, but i dont know their names sorry i dont watch that. but some of my friends like it so we maybe go. its probably going to be another XXX/drug fest. but whatever.

Halloween is coming up. I hope to god that i dont have to work. i mean my whole fucken store requested off so we dont know whos going to be scheduled to work. Well we have the whole thing planned but the shitty thing is that we have school the next day so thats kind of fucked up but whatever.

OOO the layout (fucken nice yeah) is from

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October 17th, 2005 at 9:52pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

heres a picture when we went to the beach. hawaii is so beautiful.

Anyway things are going good for me. i guess. I went to go cut my hair today well not really but just thin it out on the sides and this fucken lady who was like FOB didnt even do a good job i was so fucken mad. ahh. Anyway skip 3 and 5 period today my friends must be pissed anyway hanged with mae and sheelana today it was fun (like the old days)

Met a guy today he was fucken hot. smoken hot. Well He works at starbucks so hey we have something in common. he just came out side and started talking to me i was like wow well not out of the blue but i asked if he could work for me on saturday but he already works so whatever. anyway i felt bad because i felt like i totally blew him off because my friends kept talking to me and i kept trying to pay attention to him but FUCK. Anyway later i saw him at the mall so that was kind of weird hes like "im a stalker" lol whatever hope i see him again. he knows my friend jamie theres hope.

Were hanging out the weekend hopefully if i get off. i want to get crunk. huh lifes good right now.
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October 12th, 2005 at 12:12am]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

i dont know why. anyway i went back to school today and i kind of enjoyed it in a weird way. all in all i had a relaxing day meaning i didnt work and plus i didnt have homework.

Period02 ihave buisness (which is one of my favorite teachers) didnt do much just talked the whole period and checking out the 'ta' just alittle. im so bad. but hey cant control the sex hormones. Period04 did work all period and talked alittle. my computers teacher is like a bitch but in a funny way i cant explain it but she just is. and lastly Period06 (english) we had a sub (thank god) but she was kind of bitchy. but hey cant help. Anyway in that class i have the most fun because all we do is fucken talk and in a weird way i feel like everybody likes my in that class like they all want to be around me its just weird i know i sound kind of 'self-centered' but im not really.

Anyway our homecoming is coming up and im all pumped up for it (really). hopefully i can get off. and then next week were suppose to hang and drink but i dont know about that yet.

peace out bitches ♥

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October 10th, 2005 at 5:05pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

here is a picture of my group of friends not all of them but most. well you cant really see me because im in the back with the boys but i really like the way this picture came out. because it was a night out in town and it really shows. Anyway that was a fun night. ohh im the one with the blonde and black hair see if you can find me.

ANyway after work some friends and i hung out and drank some wine it was great, i had so much fun. Then later when to sheelanas house and fucken talked all night like all the way into the morning it was kinda weird at first since our "little" fight. but it was ok but i didnt get to tell her what i wanted (i wasnt ready). anyway hope things get better between us because i cant afford to loose this friendship.

Took my SAT's. it was so fucken hard (sometimes) but all in all it was ok. BUT my teacher that was giving it to us was a fucken bitch. and i know her boyfriend from work so it was kind of weird. but whatever im over it.

ohh and last but not least heres a pic of me and somefriends when we went to the sunset on the beach in waikiki and the other is of me and tracy. i cant believe hawaii is my playground. EWW i look fat in that picture.

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October 4th, 2005 at 4:17pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey whats up bitches ♥.

Yesterday was one of the best days ever. me and a couple of friends hung out like all fucken night, it was crazy. First we had a study group at one of my friends houses because we have SAT's coming up and were all stressed out about that. Anyway after that (didnt learn anything) we headed out to eat SUBWAY i know right. anyway after we cruzed at my house for awhile.

later tracy (close friend) wanted to hang out more but her parents are totally anal. so she wanted to sneak out and she fucken did im so proud of her not for sneaky out but you know having that kind of courage and guts. you go girl. After another friend of mine sneak out FUCK! it was sneak out night. so we hang out with a group of friends then i waited for sheelana to finish work so that was about 12 ish so we hang out like all night so after everyone got tired so we all left.

later since tracy couldnt go home yet we chilled at my house. We fucken talked all night about things that we never knew about each other it was fucken great! some heartbreaking shit but it was awesome how we could both express our emotions like this (our friendship went great to fuck i cant even explain) i just feel like i just lifted a burden of my shoulders. went home about 4 in the morning.

When i woke up i felt like a new, refreshed person its a feeling i cant explain i feel more myself and ... happy.

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October 2nd, 2005 at 1:35am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Anyway today was so much fun. woke up so fucken late. later got a call from Jaz to see if i wanted to hang out tonight. well got ready and left. really ugly day today so fucken cold and rainy' anyway went to town center and met up with cassie them then saw Jake and mark then eventually saw tracy them. hanged out @ starbucks and had some 'coffee talk'.

my friend mae stopped by just to say hi and left to her boyfriends BBQ, i was suppose to go with her but didnt feel like it the weather was really bad. you could die bad. anyway when she came there was so much tension between her and my other close friend sheelana. anyway mae looked hot (so porno) then she left, later Jake and Fuji came and chilled with them for alittle. Jake didnt want to stay because of personal reason which we all no but wat ever.

we watched a movie (into the blue) Bree and john came late (as always). but let me tell you that movie is fucken HOT not that great but fucken hot. everyone in that movie (mostly) was hot. hot body. hot everything. Jessica Alba, Paul walker and the other two. whatever. anyway all i have to say is that after watching that movie it made me want to swim and not eat. lol.

Later driving home (around 1 in the morning) i was kind of stone ok ok like fucken stone outa hell kind. well i called lance and he knew that i was on something and we just talked i stay in my car parked out side my house (so alias, right) and just talked but i think he was getting annoyed because he was mad he didnt see me tonight. but sometimes i hate talking to him because all he wants is sex or something sexual. i hate it. but whatever im over it. anyway see yahll later. peace out bitches. ♥

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September 30th, 2005 at 4:22pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

i made one new icon of my fucken ♥ favorite singer christina aguilera. hope that you guys like. NO HOT LINKING bitches.

anyway went to circuit city the other day with some friends because i wanted to get the ipod thing for my car so i can listen to it on the radio or whatever. well i got it and its so fucken expensive. whatever im over it. Well @ first i was scared it wasnt going to work because i radio antenna is kind of fucked up. but it did. im so stoked about it.

i have to work today but im kind of looking forward to it. dont know why but yet im dissapointed because everyones calling me to go to the football game tonight but im not that much into sports unless my school is winning (is that bad) i know there must be some physiological term for it or something like "i only like things that are up top "high standards" or some bull crap like that but whatever at least i admit it.
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September 29th, 2005 at 3:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]

another boring day(s). anyway im on fall break already and its kind of boring not doing much. went out a couple of times but nothings happening much. one of my close friends went to new york (bitch i wish i went) and she comes back in a couple of days and thats when the fun starts. we promised to party it up when she comes back (what a good friend i am) anyway hanged out at town center the other day with cassie and tj saw couple of other friends there. just chilled until 6ish because i had to work and 7pm. peace out bitches. ohh My new word is "thats so porno!".

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